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Hi, I have Ubuntu at home on my desktop computer but I have no access to the Internet. I'd like to know if I can update my Ubuntu using an USB Flash key.

How can I update my Ubuntu without a direct connection to the Internet?

How to Update Your Linux Without an Internet Connection , Hmm This problem is faced by many person.

for ex if your linux machines is newly installed but you need an update to fix your Lan card driver . Not a problem now you can download and update linux packages on different computer and then can transfer it your linux machine using LAN or even flash drive. But its not Sushi-Huh is a software which allows you to update your linux machine without an internet connection.

Now, what if your Ubuntu computer is not connected to the Internet?

How can you update/upgrade your Ubuntu without any Internet connection? The method we are going to use here is “ expensive), and your office (or school) PC is connected to a broadband connection with blazingly fast speed.

I really wonder for my personal case because in a few months I will no longer have internet at home ___ my config = dapper 6.06 lts and very very very happy with it. You can use cdroms and basically any local directory, that you want, provided that, before using it you a) create a file called within the directory (for packages, not sources) b) you enter the location into your sources.list, either directly or, more graphically, ex. As I never will be able to remember the exact syntax of the very few necessairy commands, I usually refer to this: regards Eberhard Thanks Eberhard !

Step6.)Select the version and release of your distribution Step7.)After that you will get the screen to select the repository from where you want to download the package Step8.)After selecting the repository all the list of available packages will appear and you can select which package to download .

How do I perform the post-install updates / upgrades (n Vidia Driver, for instance) without Internet access?

Is there a way to download an ISO image that contains up-to-the-minute, sort of speak, updates that I can direct the newly installed Ubuntu to?

I only used it once or twice in the past, but I never had problems with it.

Beyond that, you could download the individual packages you need, save them to a USB flash drive, and then install them when you get back to your Ubuntu machine.

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I can't afford to have an internet connection at home.

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