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His ingredients derive from fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables, much of which he purchases from local markets in the area, and nearly all of them are surprising.Even if a pizza-flavored ice cream isn’t exactly up your alley, how can you pass up the opportunity to try it?While shave ices -- especially sweet, creamy snow caps -- are traditional here in Honolulu (and rightfully so...they're delicious), the next time you're in the mood to for a cold treat, try checking out one of our city's excellent, underrated ice cream shops instead.A man soon broke in, raped the woman and killed her. "But it got me to understand and appreciate that we cannot continue to victimize people.Conner, who had been locked up for seven life sentences — including one for a rape conviction — says listening to the recording was "torture." "It hit me really hard. I cried profusely," he said."Empathy was not in my vocabulary. Simply because we’re angry or because somebody did the same thing to us is no excuse. That, right there, was an eye opener."Since 1988, the program has treated more than 800 sex offenders like Conner, setting them on a path to a crime-free life at a remarkable rate: Just 20 of its “graduates” have returned to prison for a new sex crime."Unlike in some other states, we do not treat sex offenders as if they have a mental health disease.

The goal, after all, is to make the participants accountable for their past behaviors, he says.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Wasn't it the club where they had some a-hole NFL football players, here for the Pro-Bowl, cause a ruckus with some local goers?

Theres Ginza and Vice nightclub- mostly local Asians in their 20s, popular on weekends, edm music M nightclub- mostly Asians but not as much as Vice and Ginza, big age range from 21 to 30s, mainstream music, popular on weekends, Cool cool! Dave & Busters- mostly local Asians, popular on Wednesday (lots of people in their early 20s but a decent amount who are a bit older), and weekends (bigger mix of ages).

Details of the cases will come out in court." Hawaii has a strange history with prostitution investigations.

Until a year ago, police officers were legally allowed to have sex with prostitutes as part of investigations, an unusual policy that state lawmakers changed last year after The Associated Press highlighted the law.

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If you’re possessed of a sweet tooth, Volcano Shakes has you covered: these guys make a foot-tall, homemade ice cream shake overflowing with doughnuts, caramel, cookies, candy, breakfast cereal, and more.

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