Ancient greece dating system

In 2001, a team of marine archaeologists led by Bjørn Lovén of the University of Copenhagen launched the Zea Harbor Project, a major land and underwater investigation in search of the ancient Athenian naval bases of Zea and Mounichia.

They got a huge break in 2010, when a local fisherman guided them to a site on the northern side of Mounichia, in an area now used for fishing and yachting.

In 1993 professor of prehistoric archaeology George Chourmouziadis, discovered a tablet (later known as the Dispilo Tablet) at Dispilo in a Neolithic lake settlement in Northern Greece dating back to 6000 BC near the city of Kastoria.Along with intellectual accomplishments those of creature comforts represent a second significant benchmark for Greek civilization.By the end of the Hellenistic era Greek or Greco-Roman households attained a standard of comfort and permanence which was unsurpassed until modern times.If one were to judge only from the first half of its title, Paul Christesen's Olympic Victor Lists and Ancient Greek History might seem to be aimed mainly at scholars who work on ancient athletics.In fact, ancient historians constitute its primary audience since this detailed and heavily annotated study provides the only complete treatment of the dating system that underlies the work of post-Thucydidean historians and, by extension, the chronology employed by modern scholars.

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